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TV, Music & Radio

TV, Music & Radio

Nick Gale, Bendigo Founder talks about the role of technology in delivering familiar TV and music during times of loneliness or isolation.

We know that as diseases like dementia progress it can become difficult to follow the plot of a television programme or the storyline in a book. For some news programmes can be a source of anxiety and concern and can link back to past personal traumas. Yet at the same time we know that lifelong daily routines can be reassuring and comforting, e.g. like reading a newspaper, or watching a favourite quiz programme.

We also know that the ability to recognize or operate technical equipment can be lost. As a music lover my father had a love of classical music and a wide a well used CD collection. As his dementia increased he no longer recognized the CD player or the CD’s as a source of music and I would find him sitting for long periods in silence not being able to operate the t.v. or to access his music with a variety of remote controls lying unused.

In our market research we came across numerous examples where the inability to work the television led to multiple phone calls to family members every evening because the television was on the wrong channel, would not come on or was just the blue screen of the analog signal. These calls were a source of tension, and

@home safe has a variety of media options where television and radio programees can be automatically programmed to come on at preset times.

Personalised Music

Whilst my father was alive I found it difficult to know what to do that would improve the quality of his and my mothers life together. A great deal of time was spent dealing with practical issues and disputes. My mother wanting my father back in her present whilst he was gradually retreating into his own reality.

As a musician I had experienced the power of music all my life.