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Need to be safer and more secure at home if at risk of bogus visitors, difficulty managing door locks, forgetting to lock up

Being ‘ripped off’ financially by people turning up on the doorstep posing as officials or friends is unfortunately something that has affected many people with dementia. As a family we had no idea that a complete stranger had been turning up on my dad’s doorstep and asking him for money that he owed. My fathers dementia meant that he did not disbelieve this person and he would hand over large amounts of cash. By the time we found out that this was happening there was an awful lot of money missing. We made arrangements to move my father into a sheltered housing scheme nearer to us where we cold, hopefully, prevent future incidents of this sort.

Not surprisingly when we started to draw together the various elements of @home safe together security was high on the list. But like all other elements we do so in a way that does not compromise privacy.

@home safe can be configured to take a photograph of anyone who comes to the front door, this ensures there is a record of who has called, who was given entry and the data recorded will be accessible in the event that there is a problem.