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Nursing and Residential Homes

Nursing and Residential Homes

As people who have managed residential and nursing homes we are acutely aware of the very real challenges faced by proprietors and managers in meeting the ever increasing demands of the ageing population and the continuing economic pressures on health and social care.

Like many other areas of life assistive technologies have not impacted on residential care settings to the same degree that they have in our lives generally. Walk into any unit and you will see single purpose devises e.g. pressure mats, some connected to the nurse call system others working independently. They are notoriously unreliable, poorly maintained and dependent on busy staff remembering to connect them or reset them. I have watched people carefully walk around the edge of a pressure mat placed on the floor making every effort to avoid activating the devise, in so doing putting themselves at greater risk of falling. 

Perhaps one of the worst aspects of these “clunky” pieces of technology is that they scream DISABILITY. If the situation isn’t bad enough lets apply a very large badge that further stigmatizes the cared for person – surely we can provide care more sensitively and effectively than this?

At Bendigo we believe that Nursing and Care Homes need to access the many benefits afforded by technology to actively support the work you are doing not to put another barrier in the way. On numerous occasion we have visited units where they are struggling to cope with the demands placed on them by some very challenging residents. Managers are struggling to evidence the behaviour in a way that can support a claim for additional funding as the staff do not have the time (or the understanding) to record accurately what has been happening. As we can record data in real time through the Bendigo system we are able to give full and accurate records that can be used to support a claim for additional support. In this way we can ensure that you do not waste time and staff resources but are able to access the appropriate levels of support to enable to provide the most effective care to your residents.