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NHS, Local Authorities & Commissioners

NHS, Local Authorities & Commissioners

Being family carers taught us, perhaps the hard way, that traditional services detract from people’s independence, limit life choices and confine people in rigid preconceptions of what entitlement to care and support services should mean. Traditional care models strip people of their individuality, their choices and their aspirations.

Just because we have always done something does not mean that we should keep doing it the same way – but this is the basis of so many of our current care services. Whilst our lives have been transformed by the rapid changes in technology, (smart phones, sat-nav’s, GPS devises, personal computers) these technologies have failed to change the way we support people with care needs.

We do not have the number of institutional beds required in care homes or hospitals that could satisfy the growing demand. We certainly don’t have the number of staff that would be needed even if these places could be built.

The launch of the Assistive Technology Charter in 2012 was heralded as the dawn of a new approach to technology assisted care. Yet despite the brew-ha-ha little appears to have changed. We believe this is because the current offerings are not integrated and rather then making life easier they can make it more difficult and even more risky.