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PRESS RELEASE – Ground-breaking Assistive Technology for People Living with Dementia Launched by New West Bridgford Company

Bendigo Systems Ltd is launching on the 21st of July 2016 with a presentation and demonstration of its ground-breaking new technology system designed to delivery simple, practical and personalised solutions to people living with dementia, physical illness or disability.

PRESS RELEASE – Ground-breaking Assistive Technology for People Living with Dementia Launched by New West Bridgford Company

Bendigo is created by a unique team brought together by their personal experience as family carers. They have combined their professional expertise in Smart Home Technology and Health & Social Care to deliver what is probably the best in assistive technology today.

Nick Gale, Bendigo Co-Founder and Director already runs Design Innovation, a home automation company he established in 2004.  It is as the primary carer for his father who is living with dementia that Nick became interested in assistive technology to help meet his father’s needs, but was disappointed by what was available on the market. He turned to his knowledge of home automation to design a system that would improve his father’s independence, quality of life and give him peace of mind as a Carer.  Nick took a ‘Design Innovation’ approach to design Bendigo the first fully integrated assistive technology system.

John Osborne Bendigo Co-Founder and Director brings over 35 years’ experience in health and social care provision and currently heads JoCo Learning & Development and local charity ‘musicworks’. As a past Carer for his father who had dementia, John has first-hand experience of the real challenges faced by carers and families to support their loved ones to remain at home safely and for longer.

Both Nick and John saw the synergy that could be achieved through combining their respective knowledge and skill sets to deliver far more effective assistive technology that can meet the needs of people living with dementia and a much wider range of disabilities. With that Bendigo was born.

Nick said, “We experience the benefits and pleasures of technology every day, often without giving it a second thought. Smart phones, calendar apps, Sat-Navs, smart televisions and everything else! At Bendigo we have come to realise that we can take major steps forward in the way technology assists to improve quality of life, independence and safety for people living with dementia, physical illness or disability.”

John added, “Many people end up in residential care when they neither need nor want to be. Research shows that quality of life, health and well-being improves when living at home. A major barrier is the poor quality of assistive technology currently available. Bendigo offers a realistic alternative to institutional care, allowing people to stay at home for longer whilst providing peace of mind for their loved ones.”

“Simple and easy to use” is the key to any successful technology system. Bendigo uses a small control system (no bigger than a Sky box), discreet sensors and remote programming to design a personalised system that will support you to overcome everyday challenges and be independent in your own home.

Examples of what Bendigo can do:

  • Discreet sensors provide information about activity in the home for safety and security.
  • Voice, text or visual announcements provide prompts for time orientation, appointments, medication, nutrition, security and reassurance.
  • Simple media controls provide easy access to TV, radio and music for the individual.
  • Access to a purpose-built, secure website allowing you to check real-time information about activity in the home.
  • Calendar to manage and personalise announcements and control TV and music remotely.

For more information about Bendigo, please visit their website, call 0115 8789089 or email Turn on Javascript!

Nick Gale

Co-Founder & Director