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About Us - Integrated Person Centred Assistive Technology Solutions

About Us - Integrated Person Centred Assistive Technology Solutions

Bendigo is an Assistive Technology system. It is unique because it is a truly integrated system which is intelligent and responsive using tried and tested, state of the art components. Bendigo offers Assistive Technology functions that are installed entirely around individual needs.

All of the system’s functions are coordinated from a single controller. It is designed to be responsive to changing or increasing needs all programmed within the same controller. It also takes away the need for single cumbersome, single purpose gadgets with limited functionality.

For more information about how our system works, click here to watch Ben & Di’s story.

Who Are We?

Bendigo is a unique blend of its founders’ professional experience in Smart Home Technology, Health & Social Care and personal experience as family carers for family members with dementia.

Watch Co-Founder and Director Nick Gale share his experience of building the system for his father...

Our Aims

Smart Home Technology has traditionally been a reserve of the homes of the rich and famous. As a team we have come to realise that we can take major steps forward in the way assistive technology can be applied to improve quality of life, independence and choice for ordinary people in everyday homes.

We aim to:

  1. Enable people to remain living in their own home for longer
  2. Deliver the next generation of Assistive Technology that is innovative and integrated
  3. Offer a viable, cost effective and practical solution to everyday challenges
  4. Offer a viable and realistic alternative to residential care
  5. Provide individuals and family Carers with peace of mind
  6. Be person centred. You decide what you need and when!

Meet our Co-Founders and Directors

Nick Gale – Co-Founder & Director

Nick GaleAs the primary carer for his father who is living with dementia Nick turned to his knowledge of home automation to design a system to improve both his father’s quality of life and to offer him the reassurance that he was safe. Having been disappointed with the currently available assistive technology systems, Nick took the same approach that his business offers in providing integrated systems and quickly recognised that a home automation platform was the ideal way to deliver this.

Nick started working in the theatre and entertainment technical industry having had a keen interest in lighting in school. He worked for Hawthorn for over a decade and managed their installation division as well as lighting many conferences and corporate events/parties. In 2000 he became the UK sales manager of New Zealand based lighting manufacturer Selecon and the next 4 years grew their business substantially in the UK.

In 2004 Nick became interested in the home automation market that was still very niche but growing strongly and Design Innovation Ltd was born. Offering fully integrated home automation and audio visual systems to home owners, developers and builders Design Innovation’s approach was different to the market at that time which was very heavily AV focused.

Still maintaining his theatre routes Nick is a trustee of the Lace Market Theatre Trust and regularly lights shows at the theatre. He met Bendigo’s fellow co-founder with his involvement as lighting designer for musicworks world premiere of the musical ‘Saturday Night and Sunday Morning’.

John Osborne – Co-Founder & Director

John OsborneAs someone who has spent over 35 years as a provider of health and social care in both the public and private sectors, including creating and running his own domiciliary care business, John believes passionately that high quality care is a right and not a privilege. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case in reality.

As a musician John has always been aware of the power of music, the fact that it is central to our experience of the world around us, a primary source of the way we experience, understand and interpret the world in which we live. It is one of the core experiences that define us, unite us and enrich us.

As a carer for his father who had dementia John discovered at first hand the real struggles faced by carers and families who are, for the most part, left to their own devises to deal with the impact that dementia has on the whole family, not just the person with dementia.

As a result of these experiences he developed a toolkit to improve the quality of life for people with dementia through the use of personalised music. The ‘Soundtrack to My Life’ won the Innovation in Care Award in the 2012 Great British Care Awards. This was followed by further toolkits and training for carers, people at end of life and with autism.

It was whilst working on a theatre project that Nick and John first made contact. Nick was aware of the work John had done with music and dementia and they soon saw the synergies that could be achieved through combining their respective knowledge and skill sets and Bendigo was born.